Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Are you hungry?

As we all know farmers feed the world. That's why I think it is our responsibilty to be up to date on world hunger issues and what better day to be aware then on May 31, 2011 - National Hunger Awareness Day

There IS hunger in Canada

In 2010, close to 900,000 people were assisted each month by a food bank in Canada. This was 9% higher than in 2009 and 28% higher than in 2008. Thanks in large part to the effects of the recession, in 2009, 72,000 people per month walked through the doors of a food bank for the first time.

There IS hunger in Canada because...

Too many Canadians do not have enough income to pay for rent, bills, clothing for growing children, transportation, medication – and food. Food is unfortunately one of the most flexible household expenses, and it is often nutrition that suffers when money is tight.

Facts 2010

How many are being helped by food banks?
       - Number of people assisted by a food bank in March 2010:  867,948 - the highest level on record

          - Number helped by food banks for the first time: 80,150 - 9% of the total

     - Change in food bank use since 2009: + 9 %

  - Change in food bank use since 2000:  + 19 %

     - Number of meals served by food banks in March 2010: 
3,459,544 - 6.4% higher than 2009

     - Number of food banks in Canada:  
900+ food banks and 2,900+ affiliated agencies
     - Provinces that experienced the largest increases in use compared to 2009:

          - Manitoba (+ 21%)
          - Saskatchewan (+ 20%)
          - Prince Edward Island (+ 13%)
          - Quebec (+ 12%)
          - Nova Scotia (+ 11%)
          - Alberta (+ 10%)

     - Number of provinces & territories without a food bank:  0

     - Years since Canada’s first food bank opened in Edmonton:  29

Who are food banks helping?
     - 38% of those helped are children and youth
     - 51% of assisted households are families with children
     - 38% are single people
     - 11% are couples without children
     - 17% of assisted households have income from current or recent employment
     - 15% receive disability-related income supports
     - 7% are on a pension
     - 51% receive social assistance benefits
     - 85% live in rental accommodations
     - 6% own their own home

If you would like to learn more or learn how you can help please visit Hunger Awareness Day - Make a Change! or Food Banks Canada - About Hunger


  1. What great info! I didn't know food banks' need had increased so much over the past few years.

  2. Jenalee this post is so true and incredible. I have been part of and organized many food drives and organizations to attempt at feeding the homeless or that of the less fortunate. It's ridiculous to think that all of those people are going hungry in Canada alone. Were you able to spread awareness on the Hunger Awareness Day? Even this post is spreading awareness! Great job goose:) A cool organization that is run by farmers, with proceeds being sent to starving and poverty stricken Countries across the world is called the Canadian Foodgrains Bank! I have a post about it on my blog! Thanks for the info goose, stay beautiful!

  3. :) Yes it is really surprising statistics! Jess I am definitly going to go check out your blog to learn more about it, that sounds awesome! We actually did spread awareness throughout the school, on facebook, and the blog here! Thanks for reading and I'm headed to check out your blog right now!!! :)