Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

Yesterday was a huge milestone in my life as I voted for the very first time in the 41st Canadian Federal Election! Not only was it so exciting merely because I got to vote but also because of how things changed so much in Canada! In this historic election the Liberal Party of Canada fell into third place, and, for the first time since confederation, will form neither the governing party nor the official Opposition in Canada's government. Instead the New Democrats will be the official Opposition behind a third consecutive Conservative government. Not only that but it is exciting to see the youthful "vote mobs" out to lend an air of electricity to the campaign! In our rural community and in the 4-H organization that I participate in I was strongly encouraged to cast my ballot along side my peers.... and let me tell you, it was a oddly exciting experience, I mean I, a small town farm girl, just made a difference in the world with one X! Not to mention that Dad comparision of the atmosphere of Leslieville AB during election day to the old western movie gun fights atmosphere where everyone seems a little tense but intensly enthusiastic seemingly was a fair one!
Meanwhile back at the ranch the cows don't seem to know it's election day and continue on with everyday life which just happens to be getting out.... so Dad and I head to fix a fence after we're done casting our ballots. When we started fencing I guess the place we were at really made the elections hit home for Dad as he started reminising about the previous owner of the land. Our south quarter was previously owned by a man who fought in World War 2. Paul Peterson served in Holland, he left his family, friends and dreams to restore liberty to Western Europe and preserve democracy in Canada. When I think of his sacrifice I can't help but believe that we owe him the time and energy it takes to vote and find myself feeling blessed that Dad shares these stories with me. At election time environmental concerns and fossil fuel consumption are mentioned but who offers a real concrete solution or can find the funding to research a viable alternative? Longer term issues, stem cell research, the ability of the family farm to survive, the food supply in general, are not even topics of discussion amongst the main political parties. I think that when agriculture plays such a huge role in the lives of Albertans that there should be more emphasis on it when it comes to election time. That being said I research the platforms and voted the way I feel is best. I cherish my right to vote and am happy that it in fact will be counted!


  1. Wow! Didn't it just feel great! I think that it is great that you too feel the future of the family farm had an impact on your vote and I can see right away that you are going to be the future of our industry. Your post is very interesting and I can't wait to read more.


  2. It truly did feel great! and Thank-You! I hope I can maintain your interest! :)