Friday, 3 June 2011

Learn the Lingo

"Every last one, route one, rural hearts got a story to tell. Every Grandma, In-Law, Ex-Girlfriend maybe knows it just a little too well. Whether you're late for church or AT THE 4-H SALE, hey words gonna get around. Everybody dies famous in a small town!" - Miranda Lambert (Kinda!)

What does good kids, good food, and good cattle all have in common?... They were all at the 2011 Eckville & District Show and Sale on Wednesday June 1, 2011!!!! :) Normally in a post like this I would merely tell you what the going ons at the show was but this year there is a much bigger story. A story about success of the underdogs, which I know everybody enjoys! The Grand Champion at our show was a breed that maybe some of you are not familiar with, a Buelingo! and to tell you the truth I wasn't that familiar with the breed either! After a little research however, (most of which consisted of talking to a very knowledgeable young lady, Jordan Hainsworth) I learned a few things about these intriguing animals! They are a composite breed made from several other different breeds, the main two in them however is the breed called Lakenvelder (more commonly called Dutch Belted) and Angus. The were founded in North Dakota by a man named Russell Bueling, hence the name Buelingo. When I was speaking with Jordan (who is now in her 7th year of 4-H!) she mentioned that she has always been asked crazy questions about her cattle such as are they from India! She said it is extremely hard to get people to take them seriously as hardly anyone has heard of them and the judges at shows sometimes don't even know what they are. Jordan and her younger sister Madison (4th year 4-H member) didn't give up on the breed however and it paid off! Maddy and Ned won the show on Wednesday taking Grand Champion honors and Jordan stood on top of her class with her Purebred Buelingo Gizmo. I think these young ladies should be extremely proud and we could all learn a valuable lesson from them. It's important to stick to what you do and on top of that to be proud of it. When we think about it all breeds really go through similar difficulties, even Angus, arguably the most popular breed right now, weren't always on top. Another point to keep in mind is that the more we know about other cattle breeds, including those that aren't as popular, the more we can learn about ours. Knowing about other breeds keeps your eyes open to alway be improving upon your own. This really is what the industry is about!!

Want to know more about Buelingos? You can "learn the lingo" at The Official Website of The Buelingo Beef Cattle Society

I encourage you to check this out and take this opportunity to learn about this amazing breed!! :)

Jordan at the top of her class!

Jordan congratulating her sister!

Madison and Ned - 2011 Eckville & District Show Champion

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  1. Awesome job! Thanks for acknowledgine my sister and me :) The whole family loves it :)