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So when you're reading someones blog I think it's nice to know them on a more personal level so you can have a real feel of where they are coming from. We've all heard the quote "before you criticize a man, walk a mile in their shoes", I really think it's important to know a persons background and personality so you can appreciate more of what they are saying! Like you probably read on my main page I live on a dairy farm with a beef herd on the side. Our "beef on the side" is a cow/ calf operation but we background them meaning we keep our calves through winter and sell them in the following spring. I also personally enjoy riding horses. My family consists of my Dad and my three brothers. My Dad is an agriculture nut who loves every aspect of it! His other hobbies include watching a ton of The Colbert Report and How I Met Your Mother! I just asked him how he would describe himself and he immediately stated "awesome" and then stated "no wait.... legendary!". My oldest brother is currently in school studying Mechanical Engineering. He someday wants to work on a NASCAR pit crew team so my family and I participate in a fantasy Nascar league. I love it because I picked the driver who I thought was the best looking who now happens to be the five time sprint cup champion! The boys are super impressed! Next in line comes Devon, he is currently out of high school and working full time. He loves his truck and calls it his one true love... if you knew him you would understand! Then there is me! I am graduating this year and have my future tentatively planned out. I will be attending Red Deer College for a year and then transferring to U of A to finish my final three. I'm taking a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in marketing. Carson is the baby of the family. He is a baseball guy and has a backstop set up against the barn where he spends hours pitching! He is the reason we watch Sports Center every morning and PTI ( Pardon the Interruption) before milking, he loves all sports! Everyone in the family definitely adds something unique and I love them all!
Carson and I at Public Speaking 2011

I was raised on the 4-H program. Everyone in my family is a huge believer in the benefits of the organization! I am currently and ambassador for the West Central Region. I recently attend my last 4-H program as a delegate as well. It was Selections 2011 and let me tell you it was bittersweet. I don't want 4-H to end but at the same time I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished through the program! It means everything to me that I will still get to be  a part of it through being an ambassador and will continue to give back after my term is up.

Pictures from my last 4-H program as a delegate!
<---- Myself with fellow Agvocate Ryan Hunter

Katelyn Dietrich, Samantha Jones, and myself with our award trip envelopes----------->

As my blog pans out more I will let you know more about myself :)!

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