Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A River Runs Through It

In the last decade or so becoming environmentally friendly has became increasingly important. Cooperative planning and management of environmental resources has change from something an individual was doing to something organizations, communities, and other groups actively engage in. The prevention of habitat loss as well the facilitation of resource recovery/replenishment has become a HUGE deal! Programs that we are all aware of, like Ducks Unlimited Canada, tirelessly work to make our resources sustainable for both our benefit and the benefit of Canadian wildlife! I think that all the effort is remarkable and it is definitely our responsibility to preserve nature, however, I don't think this way because of being so exposed to environmental stewardship. Instead I think this way because it was how I was raised. The Lobstick Creek runs right through our land and we also deal with Open Creek, both of which we are very careful to look after. We have always let the trees grow around it for natural protection and for habitats for creatures. We don't pasture it 24/7 but instead only pasture near it at select times. And finally, we don't water from it but rather use a standard watering system. I believe that farmers play a huge role in looking after the environment. Even though many organizations do a wonderful job of cleaning up areas and ensuring habitats for wildlife the pure truth is that most ducks are raised in a pond somewhere, probably on a farmers field, and the most highways are cleaned by 4-Hers, usually but not exclusively from a rural background! We should be insanely proud of what we do! A clean, healthy environment is a important part of our lives and we should be contributors to the longevity of it's life.

Lobstick Creek!


  1. You are totally holding my interest and I read your blog on almost a daily basis. Couple of questions, in what ways do you reduce the amount of pesticides you use on your farm and where I am from we have a gopher problem if you have that problem how do you deal with it without effecting the ecosystem.

    P.s Also are you aware of the practices the King and Queen of Switzerland have in enforcing the peoples respect for the environment.

    Wyatt hansonsranch.blogspot,com

  2. I love what you are doing, I think that it is important that we look after the land that feeds everyone on this planet. I was just wondering how you deal with a few problems like gophers, that destroy crop and grass land as well as cause cattle and other livestock to hurt themselves. Also I was wondering what other practices you are doing in order to reduce your impact on the environment in terms of pesticides and herbicides. Have you considered using a more European method of farming if so why?