T. G. I. C

Thank Goodness I'm Country .... <3

Reason #11 - We have big boy toys :)!

Reason #10 - No matter what, we take the tractor another round.

Reason #9 - Even weeds are pretty in the country

Reason #8- You never know what is around the bend.

Reason #7 - Good friends are easy to come by.

Reason #6 - Even on the gloomiest days, there will always be light. 

Reason #5 - Someone is always happy to see you!

Reason #4 - Wearing the same outfit isn't taboo.

Reason #3 - If you have an itch, you can scratch it.

Reason # 2 - April showers really does bring May flowers

Reason #1 - The Great Outdoors is just outside your door.


  1. I LOVE your blog so much! I never thought I would actually follow a blog but I love it! I hope when synergy is over you still keep writing. This section is my favorite. You really capture what it's like to be a farm kid and how much there is to love about rural life.

  2. haha you are too kind :)! I really enjoy this section too! Whenever I feel like I don't know why we do all this labour and work I come here and realize just how much I get out of it! Thanks so much Erin!

  3. Reason #7- Sums up any given relationship between an active 4-H member and their project <3
    I love your blog Goose, can't wait to read more!

  4. It certainly does Jess. and any 4-H member and all the friends they make throughout the program <3 Thank you!