Monday, 9 May 2011

What's in a name?

Some of you may have noticed that the name "From The Bleachers" doesn't seem to have much to do with agriculture and that's because.... well it doesn't! The name represents more of a tribute to the people who are on the outside looking in. It is for consumers and the average joe who are merely interested in stories about our world! It represents a place of learning, a place where you can be sitting on "The Bleachers" looking in and be offered the knowledge to understand the industry! Often we go to agricultural events and maybe don't fully understand exactly what we are watching. For example when I was in horse 4-H we participated in an event called trail. Basically you went through an obstacle course with your horse and it was judged on how well you managed! For years I watched and even participated in trail and never really knew why! Eventually I asked and even had the opportunity to attend a clinic on how to judge it which helped with my understanding. "From The Bleachers" represents times such as those. Where the thirst for knowledge is great but we maybe don't know where to find the faucet! It's also kind of like a Thank-You. We all understand that at a hockey game the fans sitting in the stands are extremely important to the game. They are what keeps the game going in fact! At a concert you almost always hear the artist thank their fans because the fans make or break them... the examples of this concept go on and on! Agriculture is no different. We would be nothing without our consumers and people who are purely interested in what we do! "From The Bleachers" welcomes them into our world and accepts that everyone needs to learn somewhere, just as we ourselves did! As the blog continues not only am I going to teach about things I know but I'm also going to explore things I know nothing of because I'm in the same boat as some of you and need to learn! What are some topics you would like to learn more about? Let me know and I will do my best to inform and get pictures from local agriculturalist! : )


  1. What a brilliant thought process to get to a very cool and unique name! Well done.

  2. Thank-You :)! I hope I can truely help people with their understanding of agriculture and make them enthusiastic about what we do!

  3. Great idea Jenalee! I read it every day (I am a bit of a stalker), and I love learning about different aspect of ag I haven't been involved in.