Monday, 30 May 2011

Tools for Life

Growing up on the farm you gain a lot of experience that forces you to develop desirable traits as a human being. I think any farmer/rancher would tell you that these include the need for a good work ethic, compassion, and responsibility. I believe however that the most important characteristic you gain is a sense of community. We live in a time where, as farmers, we sometimes have to look out for and look after each other.... and we do. That's why when our community is plagued with loss everyone bands together to make a difference. Most people think that this is simple such as helping out a neighbour who lost some buildings in the wind storm, and it does, but it also means so much more. Recently our community has been hit hard with losses due to cancer. My family is lucky and has never lost anyone to the disease but we know a lot of people around where we live who have or whom is struggling with it at the moment. This is why when the "Relay for Life" came to Rocky Mtn House my friends and I decided to make a team and fund raise. I realize that it doesn't fix anything for the people who have already dealt with the pain but hopefully the funds will go to helping understand cancer better and to an eventual cure. The community did a wonderful job and raised over one hundred and sixty thousand dollars! We then spent our weekend walking around the football field in Rocky and remember those who have lost the battle with cancer. It was an emotional but worthwhile way to spend a weekend and gives us hope for the future. I think that growing up in a rural community really promotes this type of effort to help others as we learn the value of the people around us. By working with others around us we truly can overcome obstacles that would be impossible on our own. Together everyone truly does achieve more.

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