Sunday, 8 May 2011

It's Mothers Day!

There are many types of farming endeavors around the world, but they all have one thing in common; an inherent dependence on Mother Nature. No matter what there always seems to be one thing to talk about between neighbours in a farming community, the weather. It seems that it is always too dry, too wet, too cold, or too hot! Although I realize this are legitimate problems as I grew up on the farm I think that more importantly it truly show just how much Mother Nature affects us! In the winter it is hard to clean out the barn as things will get frozen up... many hours have been spent chipping away at ice to run the gutter in the milking barn! In spring it is essential that the weather cooperates in order to have a more successful calving period. There is nothing worse then saving calves from the cold. In the summer haying is dependent on precipitation as you don't want to put up wet feed. The success on almost every type of farm is directly linked to the darn weather!!! You can't stop farmers though! Every year we all manage to work around it and keep things going! It truly is something to be proud of! So here's to you Mother Nature for always giving us something to talk about, and for keeping life interesting as we overcome the challenges you design!

Our farm today! Hello moisture!

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