Friday, 6 May 2011

One Man's Junk, Another's Treasure

I think my Dad needs to join AA.... Auction sales Anonymous. Every time we let him go off to the sale he not only comes home with stories of what all the neighbours are up to but also with receipts for his latest purchases. He truly is addicted! Today we headed into Rimbey to pick up the latest "treasures". As we hit the highway stories of the endless possibilities related to this new found stuff are told. We could do this, we could do that and on and on and on. It's really kind of interesting to see a 40 year old man get so excited! Auction sales oddly enough are a huge part of our agricultural life. And even though it's true that Dad sometimes ends up with junk, we also find good bargains that are worth our money if we shop smartly! Dad always compares it (and by it, I mean himself!) to Captain Jack Sparrow off Pirates of the Caribbean and his ability to find treasure! He says, on a good day, a treasure hunting competition between Jack and himself would leave "the Blackhursts" victorious!.... One of his greatest qualities is modesty! Another great aspect of auction sales is the socializing! We always get to see lots of community members there and it is always a great time! You will find people of all ages and for the most part they all have one thing in common... a love for agriculture! It's great to see and even greater when you get to stay longer due to the fact you're taking something home!

 <----- Loading up our treasures!

The Auction Grounds at Rimbey AB ------>

<----- The "Black Pearl" with all her booty!


  1. Aweh your Dad is soo cute! My dad does the same thing... must be a farmer thing.

  2. My father could join AA as well

  3. I think my whole family needs to join AA, although I do like the piratey twist ;)

  4. haha! Britt I think our Dads have way too much in common!!

    Anonymous... I think we all know the feeling :)

    Erin, I would have to agree, more members of my family then just Dad may have a problem... Dad has admitted it though... kind of ;)

  5. I have this same problem, only I even scavenge dumps and wrecking yards for treasure.

  6. haha well I think there are worse habits! I promote recycling so I think it's a great idea to reuse materials from any place! Good on yah! :)