Thursday, 9 June 2011

In Perfect Harmony Part 2

As promised! :) The second difference in the lifestyles of Dairy vs Beef come in the facilities/ areas they are kept in.

On our dairy the cattle are kept in a free stall barn during the winter and get "pastured" during the summer. The beef cattle however are always out in the open on pasture. In the winter they are of course fed hay and supplementary feeds but they are always there!

Simmentals out on pasture

Holsteins headed to the summer pasture

Free stall barn for the winter

When looking after any animal whether it a Holstein, Simmental, or even a horse :), there are many factors to take into consideration. Each facility must have available drinking water for the animals at all times. Both cattle breeds are provided this at our place via an automatic water. Shelter also comes into place. As we all know winters can get pretty cold in Alberta so there has to be a place where the cattle can relax and be warm. That's why out in our pastures we have sheds for the beef cattle and the dairy cattle are kept in the free stall. In the free stall the cattle have the option of being inside or out protecting them from the elements and in the pasture the beef have the shelters!!! You also have to make sure that the facilities are safe for your animals. To do so we check all the fences regularly, keep facilities clean and dry, and check daily for anything that may cause harm. This has been part 2 of in perfect harmony!!! More to come later! Please feel free to ask any questions that may come to mind!!!

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