Wednesday, 8 June 2011

In Perfect Harmony

Cows, cows, cows! So many cows! For the most part I think we all know the basic differences between dairy cattle and beef cattle. Dairy are for milk, beef are for meat. Plain and simple. Even though we know that however, how much do we truly know about the differences in the way they exist on the farm?! Fear not for I am here to educate you! :)

The first difference starts from birth. On our farm the Simmentals(Beef) calve out at the end of April/ beginning of May where as our Holsteins(Dairy) calve year round. The Simmental calves are raised on pasture with there moms where the Holstein calves are raised by hand!

A Simmental calf with his momma!

Feeding the Holsteins in the barn!

The Simmentals are raised with there moms because it is more economical for us to do so that way as well as easier! The Holstein calves however need to be fed because their moms are being milked to sell as .... well milk! At our farm we still feed them milk from our "bucket cows". At some farms milk replacer is used to feed them at all times. Tune in tomorrow to learn more about the differences :)

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